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Ken Burns Effect

I just found out that you can mix still images with video clips in iMovie, so I made a little film of last week's Paris trip doing just that. For some reason iMovie does a five second zoom on each photo. Apple calls this the "Ken Burns Effect". Seriously. I suppose we should be thankful they don't force you to add a John Williams score.

Paris Movie (Quicktime movie, 8.6 MB, 4mins 52secs)


1. Paul Cox's Jeu de Construction at the Pompidou Centre.
2. Toog and Flo's bird John Cage in his cage.
3. A Shobo Shobo flyer.
4. Jota Castro's Brains installation at the Palais de Tokyo.
5. Shinsei and o.lamm at Glassbox Gallery, Menilmontant.
6. A still of people playing MEC's Motor Karaoke (motorbike racing with their voices).
7. Video of Mai Ueda beating Momus at the game.
8. Still of Mai and Digiki
9. Game still.
10. Hisae's hair, Guimet Museum.
11. Hisae outside Guimet.
12. Statue outside Palais de Tokyo.
13. Statue plus M/M graphics.
14. Momus with M/M.
15. Man eating in Palais de Tokyo cafe.
16. Palais de Tokyo cafe.
17. Outside Palais de Tokyo.
18. Seine river boat.
19. Segway photo.
20. Segway film.
21. Segway still.
22. Comme des Garcons relaxation space.
23. Rinko Kawauchi show at Cartier Foundation.
24. Blue toy car at Puces St Ouen.
25. Puces.
26. Graphics at the Puces.
27. Mosaic of Romulus and Remus suckling.
28. Kumi Okamoto's room in the 13th arrondissement.
29. Johann Shinsei.
30. Khanh-Linh La.
31. Mehdi Hercberg.
32. Video of patisserie party.
33. Miltos Manetas talks about neen food.
34. Group portrait.

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