imomus (imomus) wrote,

Lisbon-Porto Radio

You know how David Attenborough whispers into a camera about gorillas copulating in the bush? Well, Momus does the same thing, but instead of gorillas you get crunchy custard cup cakes and architecture books.

The Momus Broadcast System proudly presents a radio programme, one hour long, made on location in Lisbon and Porto, Portugal between May 19th and 21st 2005. Presented by droning, drowsy-making, pheromone-frisky host Momus, the show tells you all there is to know about negotiation culture and how trams avoid it, eccentric old gentlemen fleeing the country, design museums and crunchy pastries at Belem, the joys of Cash Converters, a day in the life of a Japanese schoolgirl, junky beggars, valet parking in Porto, soundchecks, chimes and accordion bands, Rem Koolhaas' impressive new Casa da Musica, the mysteries of the lives of waiters, an installation by Gregor "Samsa" Schneider at Museu Serralves, and tidbits from the latest art magazines... you know, the usual.

Lisbon Radio (mono mp3 file, 26.5 MB, 57.49 mins)

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