imomus (imomus) wrote,

Edinburgh plans

Flew from Berlin to Newcastle. On the train up to Edinburgh, made a mental note to visit Lindisfarne, which you glimpse from the main East Coast line. It looks so prog-folk spooky!

And I wonder if it isn't time to revive prog-pop-folky band Lindisfarne too?

Edinburgh still smells of the breweries, and I still get Josef K's "Crazy To Exist" stuck in my head when I step off the train:

I like to walk in town, but there's always that smell
A cafe where we'll eat and drink till we're well

In my case (and Hisae's) that cafe will be The Forest. We will feast upon the Lindisfarne-like boho atmosphere there (soak it up via their Quicktime VR page).

Other stuff I plan to do in the next couple of days: I'm going to see a play about Polish absurdist Stanislaw Witkiewicz at 10.10am. I'm going to leech wifi signal at the Edinburgh College of Art's Reading Room. I'm going to take a bus tour out to the Pentland Hills to see Ian Hamilton Finlay's Little Sparta, the conceptual garden he's been perfecting for forty years. I'm going to check out Daria Martin and Kate Owens at the Collective Gallery on Cockburn Street. And I'm going to hang with my family and some old friends, like Neill Martin, who used to play Korg MS10 in my band, The Happy Family.

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