imomus (imomus) wrote,

Nieves Books, fresh as a daisy

Back in January I wrote an article about Edinburgh design bookstore Analogue (Design as Religion). Well, I'm happy to report that Russell Ferguson is still there, having successfully headed off an exorbitant rent hoist that threatened to oust him from his Grassmarket location. He's been to Colette in Paris now (the original inspiration for his store, although when I talked to him in January he'd only read about it) and, like me, enjoyed the bookstore and the gallery a lot more than the clothes. He's even opened a little art gallery in the back of his shop, currently showing work by Matt Sewell.

Hisae, being that strange creature, "a-Japanese-girl-who-went-to-art-school", inevitably loves Analogue and buys stuff every time we go in there. This time she came away with a DVD magazine called Specialten, packed with well-picked pop videos and arty animations. (You can watch Specialten TV on the web here.) I didn't buy anything because I'm that strange creature, "a-tight-fisted-grim-faced-Scottish-puritan-with-better-things-to-spend-my-money-on-than-art-buiks". But if I had, I would have bought the complete set of Nieves Books they had on display: quirky, desireable little A5 zines by the likes of Yukari Miyagi, whose "Kaguya, The Bamboo Princess" tells the story of Princess Kaguya, a character I sing about in my song "Mika Akutsu". Look inside Yukari's very handmade book here, or browse the whole Nieves catalogue, fresh as a daisy.

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