imomus (imomus) wrote,

Trucs et astuces d'AirTunes

Well, I've been punished for telling you what dolts DJs are yesterday: like a donkey-hater who wakes up to find malicious gods have given him donkey ears, I've woken up, the morning after DJing at Dense, to find myself a kind of perma-DJ in my own house. Right now, for instance, I'm filling the flat with the very lovely ambient sounds of the town of Porto, thanks to Alejandra and Aeron. Well, thanks to them, to my friend Eric, who gave me their "Porto" CD, and some new hard and software.

Yesterday I bought one of those Apple AirTunes thingies (wifi internet, wireless printing and wireless streaming music all in one) and some Harman Kardon SoundSticks, weird glass bulbs which glow blue in the dark over by my bookshelves. When you plug the AirTunes unit and the sound system together, you can "throw" sound wirelessly from iTunes across the room, or the whole flat. You can have DJ soundsystem clashes with your partner, also beaming in iTunes from her iBook. You become a perma-DJ, and wear large, silly, happy donkey ears like the ones I'm shaking about right now to, well, the sound of hair being clipped.

Alejandra and Aeron's lovely ambient work made me want to listen to my own soundscapes of Porto, recorded earlier this year. But how to do that, when the mp3 plays back in Safari and only iTunes can transmit wirelessly to the SoundSticks? The answer is Airfoil, which allows you to send audio from any application to AirTunes.

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