imomus (imomus) wrote,

An essay on video

I thought I'd give you something a bit different today: an essay on video. This is actually a little introduction to the workshops I'll be giving next week in Venice at the Teach Me event. (Nice to see my friends Åbäke are also on the programme!) In the clip I talk about "the post-bit atom", a phrase I coined back in 2000 to talk about the way computers were teaching us a new respect for non-electronic forms.

The Post-Bit Atom (13.6 MB non-streaming Quicktime movie, 3 mins.)

Since we aren't all computers just parsing each other's syntax, I think a video essay—with its "muscular" information about tone of voice, facial expression, movement of eyes and eyebrows and so on—is a good example of how bit-information is rounded out by atom-information, and depends on it. Ideas come out of bodies!

If you want a good old-fashioned disembodied text-essay, though, my new piece for Wired is here. Actually, since it's about a digital photo of a note in which the president of the US asks if he can have a break to go and pee, I suppose it's also on the theme of bits, atoms, and embodiment.

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