imomus (imomus) wrote,

Venice podcast

The story so far: Lord Balloono de Lagoono has been flown to Venice at great expense by the local council and university, Aprilia Scooters, and Fabrica Communication Research Centre. He is repaying his generous hosts by mumbling into a digital camera about cholera and canals, avian bird flu and sinister dwarves in red hooded raincoats. He spends the morning pontificating through a microphone to a classroom of captive students, and the afternoon leading them round the labyrinth of Venice, recording students shouting "Doctor, doctor of the asshole!" Which is pretty incredible, because he was just mumbling stuff about the Commedia del' Arte Dottore character, completely unaware he'd be hearing Venetian students hailing the long-nosed quack at the top of their lungs all day...

Venice Podcast (stereo mp3 file, 32MB, 35 mins.)

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