imomus (imomus) wrote,

Pod palazzo

I'm back in Venice now after a successful show in Turin (the sound was less bombastic than it was in Venice, and the cafe setting more intimate). Here's Paolo Rumi's photo of our first meeting, six years after I wrote a song about him for Stars Forever. And here's his blog entry about it.

I sang the Paolo Rumi song on Tuesday (with a little help from a lyrics crib sheet), as well as the song I wrote in (gulp!) 1982, "March In Turin". (I just realised it talks about "the marble by the embassy door", but Turin, not being a capital city, has no embassies! How silly I was at 22!)

The next day it was off to Milan (a city I find way too high-GINI for my liking) to see the Triennale gallery, and an excellent show about a designer I knew little about, Joe Colombo. On the train back to Venice (really the only place in Italy I feel entirely comfortable; it's so peaceful and serene and beautiful) I wrote something about Colombo for my next Wired column, imagining living in one of his molded plastic bio-pod capsules. But not in space, in a palazzo here in Venice, evidentemente!

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