imomus (imomus) wrote,

A day in November

The day begins with blogging, the rabbit sitting patiently at my feet as I tap out a few hundred words about "urban exploration". Baker's patience is rewarded when I bring him back from the Boxhagener Market a straw cat (€3, haggled down from 5), which he proceeds to tear to shreds.

Then Rusty, Hisae and I take the U-bahn out to Dahlem in West Berlin, where my favourite ethnographic museum is located. This is, in fact, my favourite place in Berlin, and my favourite part of it is the Japanese folk art collection, so hard to find (round the back and up some stairs) that it's invariably quite empty. Today the museum is milling with people—there's a Festival of Five Continents, with live music, Asian street food, and showings of Miyazaki films—but still the Japanese folk art section is deserted, as is the ethnomusicography department next door (the reason I've brought Rusty out here — I want him to hear stuff like the amazingly wobbly wax cylinder recordings from Indonesia circa 1908). A couple of people have ventured into the darkened Africa section, though, or into Oceania, with its magnificent pre-historic boat and hut reconstructions. In the evening we go to an event called Secret Garden in an apartment-shaped art gallery in Prenzlauer Berg, where we see a live performance (featuring iBook and tinkling glockenspiel) by some displaced New Yorker called Sandy. Rusty runs into some people from his hometown of Fresno, and there's much slapping of backs.

Update on the album: we now have seven finished songs, of which the last, "Permagasm" is, I think, the best. Titles, in order of completion:

1. Devil Mask, Buddha Mind
2. Enjoyable Friends
3. Moop Bears
4. Bonsai Tree
5. Pleasantness
6. 7000 BC
7. Permagasm

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