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Click Opera 2005

Use it as an index, or read it as a poem...

Happy new year from my niece!
An interview with my nephew
Sounds of Nauman
He gets all gushy about his favourite magazine
Ambition and bastions
Frying tonight
End inequitable orgasm!
Port of disembarkation
Candy horrors, silly armies and a moving castle
How delightful are the snow covers!
Fuck you very much, British Airways!
The pleasures of being foreign
In the wind, on the island of Hokkaido
At the Future University
A new school of sound gardening!
My first office
You will not invade Iran
Under the volcano
Blop, blop, pschit, plouf!
What goes down must go up
White orchids and bulbous black rubber tires
Otto gets thrown to the Christians
Mic check...
Please enjoy hell yes!
Homo faber sapiens sapiens
Sapporo Radio
Noboribetsu TV

Night questions
5 seconds of FUN
Sunk deep in the night
Culture is the new nature
Live on local TV
Graphic depictions of killers
The Japanese are almost Japanese
Honour your rambling mumble as a hidden radio programme
The hideous animal
Tam Ochiai
The Strange Commercial
It's Yoko Ono's notbirthday
Scratch a satirist, find a moralist
Fop aspic, fop lab
Beuys and ping pong
Notes on production, reproduction
Wish they all could be Cafe Soso girls
The world after 800,000,000 years
The dancing squid
Guilty pleasures
The whole play minus the plot equals the whole play
Tell me something about Otto Spooky
Goodbye Hakodate!
Your Pat Friend
For Scott Bateman
Shopping in Tokyo
Susan Ciancolo
Sumo M

Momus live in London and Berlin
Video postage stamp
What the internet did next
Fotolog and Flickr
Eski be frisky, grime be prime, allow it
Berlin ramble
Self-mediation could end world hunger! (It says here.)
The next 410 minutes
The Friendly Album: Stranger Than Kindness
On this typeface I will build my city!
Click Opera Interview: Rhodri Marsden
Love jam
The King of Yet-Also
Computers thinking tenderly about paper
Please enjoy past-shape future with tradicompo!
Websites, and other Freudian Slips
Racist robots
Uma in Seoul
Misora Hibari
Emotional communist
Relativism swings right
Employee of the month
Must we skewer the twee?
A Folktronian yarn
Advertisement for a subtle and important protest group
Rock superstar to perform in library!
I contain multitudes
Berlin textures

I hate Japan!
Click Opera Interview: Bjoern Karnebogen
Poznan Radio
The New York Times discovers postmodernism
Saul Bellow, 1915-2005
Japanize your ass!
National Public Radio
Art news
Copyleft authenticity
Dreamed, reviewed
Utopia Povera
Internet from the TV tower
Tarwater and Tibor
P2P Utopia
The ludic ludicrous
Bubble people in end-of-history districts
Capitalism (hearts) death
Re-titled, re-found
Sound produces space
Net Disaster
Lovely trees
Paolozzi, titan of the postmodern
Live in Portugal and London
Abake and "the man who told the truth"
Fresh fruit in London
Paris: Donovan, Mai, Stephane

Paris Radio
Dechets de boulangerie
Vote with your feet
Ken Burns Effect
Get it quieter
The secret life of eating and bathing
Walk through Pink
Teach me video presentation
The music's all that matters and love conquers all
Supermarkets and style
Unsuitable for children
Serious magazines
Design and a musical sideline
Cute alienation
A scroll through Lisbon
I am Camões!
Fashion for victims
Postcard from Alcobaca
Nick in NYC
Lisbon-Porto Radio
Winning the lottery
Girlish boy
It's a hot girl, so here's a pretty day
Click Opera guest hosts: Kaori and Hisae
Click Opera Guest Hosts: Kaori and Hisae (day 2)
Writing and no pictures
Democritus or democracy?

2D's a spiky fucker
I grok therefore I am
The Other Music newsletter
Nipposexual (1)
Nipposexual 2: Live your dream and stay where you are
Nipposexual 3: Damned if you do...
Wear it like you talk it!
How long has this been going on?
Evil Gini
Museums are better than clubs
A complete history of drinks
Style arena fruit shift
Repressive inclusiveness
Drawing Restraint 9
Rip it up and start again!
Love on BASF
Mix tapes and use value
I'm your fan, you're my orchestra
For whom the siren wails
London: a modest proposal
London 3: the installation
Dionysus, meet Jesus!
New York is (almost) a city in Asia
Art party in New York
A spooky shaman and a peacock
Poof Crackula #1 Bitce $$$
Why doesn't the world's richest nation have the world's richest texture?
From ghetto to ghetto
Tales from an art show

Policemen at the ball
Tetris for tender perverts
Radio from the freakzone
Devendra shakes the money tree
Karl Haley, comet forever
Apology to my editors
Thoughts on 7/7
No Sony for Mai
Live characters and 1000 gods & demons
Inevitable and inadmissible
Trainman: lie or copy?
Skulls or skirts?
First we take Manhattan...
Notes towards a definition of "moronic cynicism"
Neen games
CDs and DVDs put into my hands
American Hiroshima
Cubism reaches magazine writing
Hey VJ!
Nathan's taste
An interview with Åbäke
Why don't rock critics understand Adam Green?
So bad it's good: Koolhaas on Lagos
Flash flood
Universal flow
Milky faces and Shoboshobus
Black marks and Black Dice

Unspoiled Beach Syndrome
Bass culture
Let's rank the artiste plasticien contemporain!
Beauty Week 1: Tony Takitani
Beauty Week 2: Newspapers on planes
Beauty Week 3: Beauty changes
Beauty Week 4: An interlude for interfaces and inquiries
Beauty Week 5: Imagine!
Beauty Week 6: Global and local
Beauty No. 7: Nine
Fashion goth
Fashion fieldtrip
Shobus not dead!
The cult of Mac
Some thoughts about forests
Nature-in-culture, culture-in-nature
A strange emission
Where creativity is in fashion
Edinburgh plans
Edinburgh / World
Epic rockery
At Little Sparta
The multi-tasking tribe
Sympathy for the emperor
Wannabe Asians
Vagin chantant
In Glasgow
Villain of the piece
Nieves Books, fresh as a daisy
Spokespenis for a generation

Rinko Kawauchi keeps a diary
Toog goes (almost) to Togo
Fashion Muslim (strategies for anti-racist actions)
Rival schools of urban communication
Cuteness and category
And God smote the pleasure zone
Getting lost
Why does it always swing on me?
Teach Me
Sumo match
Ebony and Ivory
The old-fashioned future
Allerleirauh and Sempreverde
Paul is dead
Caveat viewor
DJ Dasai
Trucs et astuces d'AirTunes
One world, one operating system
The pathos of monopoly
The man who listened to music
Bloggo blammo!
An essay on video
Sharks, skulls and coke
Basking shark
The Shepherd
Are you a lodger?
UUnited Acoustics
Venezia 1
Venice podcast

Which is better, art or Venice?
Fabrica: use the day™
Women are very winning
15 minutes of fun
English self-deprecation
Why I am not a Satanist
The ever-changing relationship between kunst and fabrik
And they all lived happily ever after
Thirty three and a third
Wooden horse
Araça Azul
Women as culture
We are the robots
Around the world in 80 biennials
Use the aged
Autumn consolations
Contemporary art: "confidence trick" or "necessary anomaly"?
Ask the rice
Linked to ghosts
View from a bridge
From Omote to Ura: the Omotesando Hills development
Raunch feminism
Seven deadly sins
A world tour of bedrooms
Rated, ranked and banked
We will, we will... well, scratch your back, actually
Kitsch sunset

Schadenfreude? Avoid.
Manorchestra plays Italy
Venice, November
Scotland in Venice
Whim Wanders
New ID
Pod palazzo
Dudes in the hood
Dried in the sun
Food priest
A great big bunch of stuff you'll never have time to follow up on
Signature specification
Design magazine
Rusty live
Adieu Index
Pretending I'm Viking Moses crossed with Enzo Mari
Guilt is good
Seona Dancing: just don't call it a "guilty pleasure"
Animation as animism
Haikyo Deflation Spiral
A day in November
Bukkake St Augustine
Hell looks

The Whitney 2006: through a glass darkly
Trouble at the in
SCOOP: The NME Poll Scandal!
The golden age of masturbation
Emotional pornography
The black ships
Adding acid to oompah
Intelligent design
Nuclears and fossils
Fuck Fuck Revolution
Pseud's Corner
The bantam lord at last doth strike!
Paris weekend
Ironic vikings
In the loop
Fakeways: Manhattan Folk
Click Opera 2005
Steamy thermopolae
The well-made song
Boxing snow
Goodbye to Berlin
JAL girls

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