imomus (imomus) wrote,

Momasu goes gosurori

On 5th February I'm playing a concert at Doll Dress in Osaka, described by Digiki as "some kind of weird Goth boutique with a cosplay / Goth theme event on Sunday, I've been there and it was strangely fun".

Flyers for past shows at Doll Dress look very Gothic Lolita (or gosurori), so I'll try and choose my most frilly, chilly and darkly romantic songs to please the girls. Here are the details:

Fleurir Rose Vol. 9
2006/02/05 Sunday
Open 16:00 / Start 17:00

Venue: Doll Dress / Gallery Brocante
4-24 Yamazaki-Cho Kita-ku, Osaka
Live: Momus, Harukiya
DJs: Chou Chou Noir (Velvet Moon),Tetsuya Matsukawa (Hattrick)
Advance ticket: 1500yen / door: 2000yen
Drinks & foods are free (except alcoholic)

And for more frilly thrills...:
Film showing (2 short films)
Photo session contest, making up booth, future-teller booth
Gothic-Lolita, Drag Queen

Momus concert starts at 20:00 (45 minutes)
Party End: 21:00
Shop Close: 23:00 (Bar time)

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