January 20th, 2004


Avant Kids

I went with Anne Laplantine to Wohnzimmer for apfelstrudel and cafe mocca. On the back of a napkin I scribbled down the four styles of music I feel I'm heading towards:

* Children's Avant Garde
* An A Capella Fluxus choir
* Bossa Nova Concrete
* Poesie Sonore

Speaking of avant garde children, when I went to School last Friday (it's a club in Mitte) someone pointed out Oskar Matzerath, the screaming little drummer boy from Schlondorf's 1979 film of 'The Tin Drum'. He was running around in a frilly white shirt and leather trousers, looking a lot older, obviously, but still recognisable as the hero of Gunter Grass's great novel. Old Oskar looked just as frisky as young Oskar, running round the club randy as a goat. He soon disappeared with a pretty blonde girl.

In Dense (Berlin's best record store) I was tempted by Ancient Voices of Children by George Crumb but couldn't afford it.

Anne bought records by Alvin Lucier (a binaural recording of birdsong) and Maher Shalal Hash Baz, a Japanese band who record for the Pastels' Geographic label.

I picked up a programme for the upcoming Club Transmediale event, 'a festival for electronic music and related visual arts' (Berlin, 30.01-0.02.04), at which my friend o.blaat (Keiko Uenishi) will play. The festival is happening at Club Maria, close to my house, and the theme this year is close to home too: Fly Utopia!

I really like a track from Delaware Strikes Back / Amen, the new album by Japanese design-rockers Delaware. The track is a cover of Sly Stone's song In Time.

I'm feeling better politically today after watching John Kerry's strong showing in Iowa, and was heartened by his articulate victory speech. Could he beat Bush? As an orator, he's already streets ahead.