January 21st, 2004



The next issue of Cologne-based Kidswear magazine features a Kafkaesque short story I wrote about some dwarves sent to spy on children in Japanese playgrounds. Kidswear calls itself a children's style magazine, but it's really a pretext for some brilliant art directors to employ some world class photographers. One of these, Michael Danner, took the photos of playgrounds that accompany my text. Here's some more of his work:

Other Momus media appearances: the fourth edition (out now) of Scott Hug's K48 magazine comes with a free CD that includes an out-take from the Oskar Tennis Champion sessions, a cover of the old Robb Wilton music hall routine Back Answers.

Momus will be a featured artist on the BBC Radio 6 show Freakzone broadcast in the UK on Sunday February 1st between 10pm and 1am. The show's host is my all-time favourite rock critic Paul Morley. Internet listeners can hear the show streaming from the BBC 6 page.

ILX thread: PW (Parallel World) 4: Red America v. Blue America is based on an interesting article that ran in the Atlantic Monthly two years ago, One Nation, Slightly Divided. Brooks is the man who wrote Bobos in Paradise. His Bobos overlap with my Fobos. One thing bobos and fobos have in common is that voting for Bonzo and his drongos is a no-no.