January 9th, 2005


End inequitable orgasm!

A couple of cool things to show you before dashing for my Tokyo flight...

Rubenmichi are Ruben and Michi, a painter and a designer based in Madrid. They're branching out into making soft toys, and their latest 'rubenmichi pet' is... a Momus toy! Eat your heart out, Topo the rabbit! (Or mine, perhaps...)

The dolls are for sale, apparently.

I spent a few hours today writing my new piece for the AIGA Voice, 'Design as Religion'. These little sermons are commissioned by Steve Heller of AIGA. Steve is senior art director of the NYT Book Review and a one-man industry when it comes to design books. Googling for his e mail address I found this tremendously cool photo of Steve from his New York Free Press days (back in 1968, in fact) and thought I'd share it with you. 'End Inequitable Orgasm' is the most succinct fusion of Marx and Freud I think I've heard.