January 22nd, 2005


You will not invade Iran

I just want to say one thing very firmly and clearly to the newly re-inaugurated President Bush.

You will not invade Iran. Is that clear? You will not turn the square above into a 'green zone' for stooge politicians of your choosing and a restricted, embedded international press corps. You will not impose by force your conception of 'freedom'. You will not occupy Teheran and Ispahan, after a brief but terrible aerial bombing campaign, with your fucking jeeps, your mercenary 'contractors', your torture squads. You will not kill hundreds of thousands of Iranians now alive. You have no right even to be thinking about such a thing, let alone threatening it. Who the fuck do you think you are to go round the world invading countries one by one?

Hopefully the intelligence squads supposedly preparing a feasibility report on an invasion of Iran at this very moment will tell you the same thing I'm telling you. You (and Tony Blair) will not do this. If you do, I and millions like me will feel an intense revulsion not felt since the Spanish Civil War or Vietnam. We will make life a misery for you, and we will actively resist you every step of the way. I'm talking about individuals, governments, nations. You will become the black sheep of the entire world. You will excommunicate a great nation, your own, from all compassionate consideration. You will become a symbol of the problem, not the solution.

I'm hoping you will continue to be bogged down in the bloody morass of ever-worsening violence you have already perpetrated in Iraq and will not have the resources to commit any more crimes against international law. The violence in Iraq is appalling (it is your fault, and it was predictable). It seems callous to wish that violence to continue, but I can't help agreeing with this analysis in Hong Kong's Wen Wei Po newspaper:

'The main international issue to be faced during President Bush's second term in office will be an Iran war. The US' main attention will focus on West Asia. If the US can quite smoothly realize the goal of transforming Iran, then the US' main strategic direction will shift to East Asia in future, and China will face direct US pressure; if the US' war and political reform in Iraq is not smooth, then this shift will be delayed for a number of years.'

For the sake not just of Iran, but of the far east, we can only hope that the Iraq debacle keeps you tied up for years to come. Of course that's the second-best solution. The best solution is that you simply mind your own business for the next four years. Why not bring 'freedom and democracy' to your own nation first? Why not fight tyranny there? You could start by resigning.