January 25th, 2005


What goes down must go up

I've just published my second article on Design Observer. This time it's about the Vice magazine Design Issue. You can read the issue here and my blog about it here.

I must say I still get a thrill hitting 'publish' on the Design Observer Moving Type page. It's like being given the keys to a big newspaper office, creeping in there late at night, playing at being a journalist, sub and editor, and actually producing a whole edition of the newspaper yourself. With rude words and everything. Then seeing people reading it on the street the next day, scratching their heads and opening their collars. Well, perhaps not here on the street in Hokkaido...

The other thing that's just gone up is the Art Harbour Radio Page. At the moment there's just test music playing there, but from now on there ought to be fresh field recordings daily from my Lost Radio, Found Sound project. Since we've got a Terry Richardson toilet in this entry, I will tell you that two students have already submitted flushing toilets as their contributions. But there are some much more interesting sounds coming, including the wonderful squeaky sloppy rubber sound of a moored fishing boat rocking against tires in a blizzard and the squidgy yelp of a Kleenex mopping the inside of a car windshield.