January 26th, 2005


White orchids and bulbous black rubber tires

Lyndsy Welgos, an experimental video student at Atlanta College of Art, has made a strong and simple Quicktime piece called Before All Parting</b> which uses my 1998 track 'A White Oriental Flower' as its soundtrack. The set, Lyndsy explains, is "composed of a Faustian-style writer's studio with various books of western and eastern thought. For instance, a book on Zen calligraphy next to a book concerning Bernini. In this circular installation the viewer is invited to walk around the piece. The center is a white orchid placed on the absent writer's desk. As the song starts (your song) a warm yellow light encircles the desk, as the song progresses the light becomes smaller and smaller. As this happens, the light also becomes whiter and whiter, a metaphor for thought refinement and purity." Watch the video.

Meanwhile, enjoy the first fruits of the Sound Garden! Some delicious sound squashes, pumpkins and gourds are now being squeezed through our portal. Chew on the oishi squelches and squeaks created by a bobbing docked fishing boat chafing yellow floats against bulbous black rubber tires.