January 29th, 2005


Homo faber sapiens sapiens

Just when I'm starting to feel a bit bored with this little Hokkaido town, when I'm settling into routine and a certain social isolation here (it's my fault, really, for not speaking Japanese), feeling the cold, getting sick of listening to the sound of toilets flushing and crickets chirping, and missing my girlfriend... well, just when a man might start getting a bit demoralised, you guys come through. In a random afterthought added to an entry about Mumbleboy's Flash video for Beck's new song I expressed the desire to see what kind of visuals people would come up with to accompany tracks off 'Otto Spooky'.

Well, a day later (I adore the internet!) we have half a dozen takers, Flash makers and film makers willing to get milling, not for the shilling but for the billing. And billing they shall have! Their work will be linked or hosted on these pages as it arrives. Here, in the meantime, are their names, links to their websites, and examples of their work. Some great stuff here! They don't call this place 'clique opera' for nothing, you know! Everybody here seems to be homo faber sapiens sapiens.

Lady Pat has opted for the song 'Your Fat Friend'. Pat is based in London. Check out the Lady Pat website and particularly the Ball and Chain video (illustrated above).

Sam Ayres is also London-based, and often works with Paul Davis, whose work you can see here. I think I saw a Paul Davis exhibition at the Dazed and Confused Gallery on Old Street once. Terrific use of Post-It Notes. Not sure which song Sam (and, possibly, Paul) want to work on yet...

Brian (Disgruntled Fish) is from California and is doing 'Robin Hood'. His website is Chickensnack.

Hate For Blayne is a music act as well as a LiveJournal. Based in Chicago, they're doing 'The Artist Overwhelmed'.

Lord Whimsy is a world-famous dandy who lives in the backwoods of New Jersey. 'Bantam Boys', a ludicrous falsetto song in the manner of the Elizabethan eunuchs, seemed a natural choice for Whimsy, whose animations you can see here. We at Click Opera are especially fond of this one.

Eric Wilhelm lives in Berlin and works on TV trailers. He's promised to make something Super 8-ish, and recommends that we check out Jaron Albertin's film for Circlesquare's '7 Minutes' to get an idea of his aesthetics. Powerful stuff.

Stop Press: A couple of late additions: Frances (hear her nice quirky music here) and Ed Oracolo Dei Font, whose impressive graphic film for the Aphex Twin track, 'Bucephalus Bouncing Ball' is here. I'd actually like to see what he made of 'Lady Fancy Knickers', based on that one.

We also have a cartoonist, Odyr, who wants to make an online comic, and Chris Stave, who may make some kind of kinetic mobile, by the look of his site. Anyone else out there? I mean, there doesn't have to be. My day has already been made. Right, off to the sento to soak in hot water and feel a little better about everything. A lot better, in fact.