February 16th, 2005


Wish they all could be Cafe Soso girls

Yuki Murakami's photos of girls in the Cafe Soso, Sapporo, Hokkaido, posted on the Shift Magazine site, are much more inspiring than anything to be seen on the streets of Tokyo right now, or at least the photos on Tokyo Street Style.

This is probably because of Yuki's eye, and the fact that Cafe Soso is a highly targeted place, a magnet for people interested in visual creativity. Apart from being a great cafe with great music, it's also a bookshop, a design magazine and a lending library specialised in art, architecture and design.

I also find the Cafe Soso girls much nicer looking and nicer looking than the snooty, furry, tailored, high-heeled, over-made-up models currently to be seen at London Fashion Week. You know, how many animals died for you and just how bored are you to be here?