March 5th, 2005


Eski be frisky, grime be prime, allow it

Sum of u might ov herd my man Eno say bak in tha day "Da future be grown mans shoutin poetry". Or sumfin like dat. Sure enuff boi, blud woz bang right, dun happen innit? UK 2 step garage become Eski an Grime, an dem toonz be well sik. Future soundz be ringin thru da London manors right now. Seen? Allow it.


The Streets Get Out of My House MCs Remix

Dizzee Rascal Off To Work

Dizzee Rascal Graftin

Kano Ps and Qs

Wiley Pies

Roll Deep Wot Do U Call It

Lethal B Forward Rhythm


Roll Deep

Tinchy Strider Move

A Lil Grime in 4/4 Blend

Lethal B Forward

Calling Boyz The Forward Rhythm


Sure enuff boi datz wak! Sum ppl tink dat coz dizze an artist he a saint.... hmm dis article proves dem rong init! i gotz nuff respect 4 Dizzee tho, hez choong pluz a sik artist

sum of u mite of heard of G- Hop it s G-hop Kings view on culture!!

Yeh flat out tune! Itz got tha cred 2 b re-released!

lue lid is deff the best. if you cant hadnle it you should just lyk not drink milk or somehtin

alow it or deny it

cum shoodnt we be buyin da toonz so we cn keep da doors open for uk talent emerge !! wot do u rekon an do u tink Kano will mak it big?

flirta bangd him up at diewinder bashy neva did nuffin cos he was wid 2 mans n ghetto was wid bout 30 mans he jus murkd him init but i thot bashy wud have got kikd in alie??

ma bredrin goes tah him '' wot happened 2 yah teeth?'' he goes ''oh im gettin platium 1s'' she woz like ''oh seen''


Art, innit?

A new exhibition in Whitechapel, London, is the first to take the grime scene to an art gallery. The new Bezerk exhibition in Whitechapel features pictures of heads from the scene such as Wonder, Roll Deep and D Double E (who is also getting his own portrait painted in Berlin – more on that in the new RWD magazine out Friday. Brap!) shot and exhibited for London’s art world to marvel at. Shot predominantly by resident RWD photographers Tim & Barry, the exhibition also features stuff from Jeremy Deller (he won a Turner Prize… me neither…) and work from our good friends at cult magazine Hardcore is More Than Music. If you wanna get down there and check it for yourself, it’s on from 6-9pm (Open Sat – Sun 1-6pm) until the 12th March at Whitechapel Project Space, 20 Fordham St, London, E1 1HS (Tel. 02073776289).


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Hypo featuring Momus Timecode

Devvi Bangheart