March 21st, 2005



Never mind all the theory, I hear you saying, what's happening with Topo the rabbit? Find out with the Rabbitcam (Quicktime movie, 3.1MB, 3:12). If you're lucky you may see Topo attempting to drink without getting water up his nose, or chasing his favourite pair of blue socks around the room.

For more animal mysteries, check out this BBC Radio documentary about a strange motif -- an eternal ring of three interlocking hares with just three ears between them. The BBC explains: "The symbol appears in a carving in the roof of a medieval Devon church, but the hare-chasers trace its origins through medieval Europe; via an ancient casket said to have contained the bones of St Lazarus, a 13th century monastery bell, and a Chapter house roof where the hares are found rubbing shoulders with the pagan Green Man; all the way to the mountain Kingdom of Ladakh and 12th Century China." Very Wicker Man...