March 30th, 2005


I contain multitudes

In my new piece for the AIGA Voice, Letraset as Aleph, I manage to sound like a 65 year-old graphic designer misty-eyed for the 1970s Letraset catalogue (and verging on some sort of Jewish mysticism with his vision of the dry transfer lettering system as a sort of "aleph", the magical point from which everything in the world can be seen simultaneously). Well, if I can pull off the 25 year-old Williamsburg brat voice in my pieces for Vice, why can't I be a 65 year-old designer for AIGA? I contain multitudes, you know.

Sorry I don't have anything more exciting for you today... I'm finishing off my Thames and Hudson photoblogging book, setting up a summer art show in New York, and preparing a piece for tomorrow's Design Observer. It's just as well I contain multitudes, because otherwise all this stuff just wouldn't get done. This multiple personality disorder thing is productive. Why don't we tell Nick that he's not a chicken? Because we need the eggs.