April 9th, 2005


Art news

Vanessa Beecroft opened VB55 at the Neue Nationalgalerie</b> here in Berlin last night. To avoid the crowds, I went up before the opening time and got a sneak preview of the installation: dozens of naked women of all shapes, sizes and ages huddled casually on the floor or wandered about the glass Mies box. It looked a bit like a sento without the water.

Neenstar Mai Ueda was one of the models in Beecroft's 2001 installation VB46 at Gagosian Gallery in LA. I'm proud to announce that Mai and I will hold a joint art show in New York this summer. I'll Speak, You Sing will run at Zach Feuer Gallery on West 24th Street from June 25th to July 15th. It'll be an installation / performance piece in which I'll speak landscapes and Mai will sing songs.

I discovered two more paper metaphor Flash-based painting games (less inventive, though, than the Bjoern Karnebogen games I talked about last week). Artpad's Painter records each splashy gesture you make with its paints and pencils and can play them back at various speeds. (Here's a rather bad painting I did yesterday, for instance.) Less impressive than its features are Art.com's legal conditions; they own everything you make on their site. Boxdoodle has a more quirky and satisfying interface; here you're doodling with felt pens on old bits of cardboard. Very tactile!

Tokyo curator Roger McDonald reports on his Tactical blog on the slightly humourously-named "Nishi-Ogikubo Biennale". Nishi-Ogi is where I stay when I'm in Tokyo, but I didn't know it was also the home of Makoto Aida, one of my favourite artists, a suave and sensitive painter with a perverse erotic imagination. Makoto opened up his home to guests recently and called it a "biennale". McDonald compares the results favourably to Kaikai Kiki's Geisai 6.

Finally, don't miss the Vice Mentally Ill issue, a brave, provocative and humane issue written with, by and about the mentally ill. I think it's editor Jesse Pearson's finest hour so far. Also, those who like to listen to podcasts might like to know that there's now an RSS feed for the Momus Radio travelogues I do regularly as part of Click Opera. The address is http://www.imomus.com/momusradio.rss.