May 23rd, 2005


Nick in NYC

I'll Speak, You Sing is the name of the art show I'm holding from June 25th to July 15th in collaboration with Mai Ueda at Zach Feuer Gallery in Chelsea, New York. Here's something about the ideas behind the show, and here's one of the photos Stephane Sednaoui shot of Mai and me in Paris last month for the flyer:

Now, I dislike hotels, and what's more can't afford them, certainly not New York hotels, and certainly not for a month. So I arranged to stay with a friend on Orchard Street, directly opposite number 38, where I lived between 2000 and 2002. That would have been a deliciously nostalgic way to pass my New York month. Unfortunately my friend just had an altercation with her flatmate and has moved suddenly to Greenpoint, where she's sharing a room. So I have nowhere to stay in the fair city of New York. I expect to arrive on June 18th and leave on July 17th. If you know of a place in the city I could stay for a week, two weeks, or even the whole month, drop me a line. It could be a one-month sublet, or I could come and live in some neglected corner of your apartment, paying my way with actual dollars or merely brilliant European conversation.