June 7th, 2005


Wear it like you talk it!

You know, sometimes when you're posting about some terribly abstract subject like globalisation, and everything just becomes a maelstrom of words, concepts and abstract models of the world, you forget that you're a physically embodied person. So today I thought I'd give you pictures of the kinds of clothes I've been wearing during my last six days of Click Opera posts. Just for fun, I added descriptions of where I'd bought the clothes and how much they'd cost. Then suddenly these silly outfits became a great visual metaphor for the very same global processes we'd been talking about, with their bizarre and paradoxical impacts on culture and identity.

1. June 1st: "2D's a spiky fucker... he stood up on the balcony throwing tinfoil ashtrays in my direction." Striped nylon shirt from Osaka street market, 1000 yen. Red scarf (by Slow and Steady Wins The Race) from Selfridges, London, £15. Pink headband from Chinese store, Alcobaca, Portugal, €1. Spectacles from secondhand store, Fukuoka, Kyushu, 5000 yen.

2. June 2nd: "Clearly if I title my next album Donald, Where's Yer Troosers I'll make a killing in the Scottish diaspora." Sunglasses La Foret, Harajuku, Tokyo, expensive in 1998. Fake Burberry shirt €2.50 at Humana, Lisbon. Blue Chinese workwear jacket from Humana, Berlin, €10.

3. June 3rd: "Did I tell you that I hate Van Morrison?" Blue headband from Chinese store, Alcobaca, Portugal, €1. Black cashmere poloneck sweater gift from model's mother.

4. June 4th: "Is it okay to be a nipposexual?" Red Discom T shirt bought from band, Tokyo, 2500 yen. One-shoulder brown sweater €2 at Boxhagener Platz market, Berlin.

5. June 5th: "Um, porridge? Turnips? Fish and chips? Edinburgh rock candy?..." Pink shorts from Domsey's, Brooklyn, $2.

6. June 6th: "You know, scientifically speaking there's no evidence to say that a businessman is different from any other human being." Japanese carpenter's hat from uniform store, Osaka, 2000 yen. Senegalese robe from Humana, Berlin, €14.