June 27th, 2005


Poof Crackula #1 Bitce $$$

1. PS1 Cafe, Queens.

2. PS1 courtyard, installing unidentified piece.

3. Momus' gallery get-up (bubblewrap later removed, too hot).

4. Favourite piece from Greater New York show, PS1: Seven Veils for Julia Pastrana—Ugliest Woman in the World, Born Mexico 1834, Died Moscow 1860 by Christopher Myers.

5. Mai Ueda and Kenneth Goldsmith battle with Star Wars lightsabers at his loft.

6. Mai looking glamourous at the gallery.

7. Momus tries on his new Beacon's Closet top at Harlem crash pad.

8. Poof Crackula #1 Bitce $$$.

9. Corner of Grand and Lafayette.