July 16th, 2005


Neen games

Last time I called a bunch of online digital amusements games, people quibbled over the terminology. So today I'm just going to call these web-based enigmas a complete waste of time. A splendid, magical and sometimes neen waste of time.


Hotel by H Hoogerbrugge.

Fly Guy.

Now some enigmatic "neen games" by Angelo Plessas (many named by neenstar Mai Ueda):

Tip Toe Behaviour.

Wrong Human.

Talking and Walking.

Everything You See Is In The Past.

Why Was He Sad?.

The End of Reason.

On and Off.

Four Peppers.

Fatal to the Flesh (drag your "nails" across the screen).

I Am Very, Very Sorry (useful for apologies).

It Will Never Be The Same (click and drag to "drive").

On A Horse.

We Will Attack.

Finally, a Flash piece used as "advertorial": Quest For the Rest, a piece made by Jakub Dvorsky to showcase music from the new Polyphonic Spree album.

Oh, and Screenhead's Flash recommendations.