July 28th, 2005


Flash flood

Back in February, you may remember, I asked Click Opera readers (a creative class so rich in cultural capital, so effortlessly superior, that jealous outsiders now refer to this place as "Clique Opera") to make Flash pieces for songs from my Otto Spooky album. Quite a few chose titles and started work. The Lady Pat was the first to finish, with an amazing video for Your Fat Friend. Then... well, then, to be honest, things went incredibly quiet.

Five months later, the second piece has been completed. It's The Artist Overwhelmed by Blayne Greiner. Blayne has the perfect excuse for his tardiness: he relocated from North American to Berlin while he was making this piece. In fact, I bumped into him in the first week he was here, in the treasure trove of the Treptower flea market. He's very tall and handsome, with a mane of brown hair. My favourite part of his piece for "The Artist Overwhelmed" is when the two elderly gay lovers kiss, and the table they're standing on breaks. Oh, and the single green-coloured cypress tree which appears briefly during the word "eternally", the only coloured object in the whole piece. Blayne has asked me to tell you that if you're interested in commissioning Flash work, you can reach him at: derhutgeist@gmail.com. He's also "been thinking about making t-shirts in the same style of things like monks riding giant turtles and whatnot, so if people are interested they should e-mail me as part of a survey."

The Artist Overwhelmed (Flash media, 4.7MB)

The next Flash piece due, and already hotly anticipated, is Lord Whimsy's presentation for the eunuch-friendly supermadrigal "Bantam Boys". All seems to be progressing well on that front: in a recent e mail, Whimsy told me "I've recently turned you into a calligraphic deep sea micro-organism. Hope you don't mind."

Speaking of Whimsy, art lovers will be delighted to hear that our very own "affected provincial" is featured in an article in the current edition of Frieze magazine, the Slow Issue. (Those desperate to read the article, about intellectual whimsy, might like to cast a glance at The Importance of Being Earnest.) I also spoke about him as an example of "successful self-mediation" during a radio interview I did for BBC Ulster's Arts Review programme yesterday, so perhaps Whimsy can expect to tread red carpet on his next visit to Belfast.