August 12th, 2005


Fashion fieldtrip

Nick, Hisae, Mario and Sruli mounted a fieldtrip to the Marzahn district of East Berlin yesterday to come up with viable alternatives to the Fashion Goth look. People, there must be some.

First stop on our day of, ahem, urban exploration was the Asia-Center on Meeraner Strasse, out by the Allee der Kosmonauten. Filled with bun and pho soup, we strode boldly into the wholesale units and purchased (retail) some mooncakes and a flowery blue housecoat which Hisae can wear while doing Fashion Housework. Then we admired pink crystals in a mega-Garden Centre and muzzles in a mega-Petstore. After that we poked around an abandoned Russian Culture Centre and an even more abandoned "crankyhouse spa". Finally we regressed to childhood, pedalling a gigantic tricycle around a car park in the grounds of what looked like a horse hospital.

Highlight of the day: getting thrown out of a mega-DIY superstore for looking more like tools than the tools they stocked.

Music: Bauhaus, of course.

Mood: Emotional Communist.