August 28th, 2005


In Glasgow

I'm in Glasgow. Hisae and I just came to see the Chai-Ovni teahouse, Mono and a couple of galleries. But it turned out that Plan B magazine (Everett True's follow-up to Careless Talk Costs Lives) has an all-day party going on at Mono, with Jens Lekman, Bills Wells and Isobel Campbell playing (and Stephen Pastel DJing). There's also an Arab Strap acoustic show at the Barfly at 4pm, and Bill called up Aidan from the Strap and kindly blagged us guestlist places. So we're cancelling our tickets for the Mike Mills film "Thumbsucker" back in Edinburgh and staying on here in Glasgow to hear some music.

I would give you a nice photo of me and the Buddha-like Bill Wells, but I'm in an Easynet in a McDonald's on Argyle Street, so you'll just have to make do with some rough and ready ASC-II art:

o o
-I- -0-
x x