September 7th, 2005


Getting lost

My second column for Wired is The Pleasures of Being Lost. "It's worth remembering the value of lostness, confusion and delay in the age of the 0.002-second search." The piece proposes complex systems like the Edinburgh Festival, the internet, Apple's Spotlight search tool, automated web translation and Ian Hamilton Finlay's garden as ways to get—more or less pleasurably—lost.

If you're in the Berlin area and want to get thoroughly lost this Sunday afternoon, come out to Schloss Lanke, the tumbledown castle I visited a few weeks ago. Beautifully set in forests and lakes, this former psychiatric hospital is now a place of galleries, art installations and concerts. I'll play a concert between 6pm and 7.30pm. I think it costs €8 to get in. The weather's likely to be glorious, as it has been here all this week.

SONNTAG 11. SEPTEMBER 4pm Goldmund presents

15.00 live: Jupiter Quartett plays Puccini / Dvorak / Mozart
16.30 live: KRASSNAJAS (Russian female choir)
18.00 live: MOMUS
19.30 live: OMO
DJ set from DJ The Monobody

Directions are here.