September 13th, 2005


Allerleirauh and Sempreverde

"I will marry my daughter, for she is the counterpart of my late wife, otherwise I can find no bride who resembles her."

I haven't made much music this year; half the gear in my studio seems to have broken down. But I have made a couple of collaborations here and there, one in Tokyo (demos for a project called Bambie) and one here in Berlin, back in late May and early June, with Japanese visual artist Yukiko Sawabe. Yukiko wanted some music for a piece she's making about the Brothers Grimm fairy tale Allerleirauh.

"Then she ran into her den, washed herself quickly, and took out of the nut the dress which was as silvery as the moon, and put it on. Then she went up and was like a princess, and the King stepped forward to meet her, and rejoiced to see her once more, and as the dance was just beginning they danced it together. But when it was at end, she again disappeared so quickly that the King could not observe where she went. She, however, sprang into her den, and once more made herself a hairy animal, and went into the kitchen to prepare the bread soup."

Yukiko has agreed to let me post two of the songs here today, along with the artwork she's made for the project. The mp3 file below contains "Allerleirauh" (from the Daughter side) and "King Song" (from the King side). Yukiko wrote the words and sang, I made the music.

Allerleirauh + King Song (Yukiko Sawabe and Nick Currie) 2.1 MB, 128 kbps stereo mp3 file, 2.19mins.

"Then he grasped her by the hand, and held her fast, and when she wanted to release herself and run away, her fur-mantle opened a little, and the star-dress shone forth. The King clutched the mantle and tore it off. Then her golden hair shone forth, and she stood there in full splendour, and could not longer hide herself. And when she had washed the soot and ashes from her face, she was more beautiful than any one who had ever been seen on earth. But the King said, "Thou art my dear bride, and we will never more part from each other." Thereupon the marriage was solemnized, and they lived happily until their death."

Yukiko explains: "I'm going to use small space for my exhibition. It was brothel. The exhibition schedule is undicided detail now. Please introduce songs with my art book 'temperature'. These works is based on Grimm's fairy tail, Allerleirauh and Snow White and Seven Dwarfs."

I also want to mention today that Andrew Snyder has set up a new Momus Forum called Sempreverde.