September 21st, 2005


Bloggo blammo!

Sick of travelling in ever-tighter little circles, I've re-arranged my blog bookmarks. Fairly haphazardly, it must be said. But I thought I'd share the Top 40 rearranged items with you, with a line about what's new on each. It's bloggo bookmark blammo!

Tokyo Style in Gothenburg
Preoccupied with Kaikaikiki soccer balls and Nobuko Hori, "graphic designer & [non-]musique enfant terrible".
david f presents
Sound files of great music, including this week Portsmouth Sinfonia.
Tadao Ando's Omotesando Hills building takes shape.
Dot Dot Dot and Geoff McFetridge.

Japan Live
Ken M goes out a lot in Tokyo to see new bands. This week he likes eccentric rock trio Limited Express.
David Byrne
David went to the West Indian Carnival in Brooklyn, and remembered getting his wallet stolen 20 odd years ago visiting it with Eno and Hassell.
O.Lamm is pissed off with people who style themselves "composers" and wants to make something as simple as "Sign o' the Times".
Cake and drinks as images of happiness!
slime_slime_sly's Journal
It's Mario Canario. He's seen Astrud live and is more scared of critics than real danger.
He's got a nice deconstruction of Lumiere's "Train arriving at a station".
DIGIKI + TOKYO =+東京 digi nikki+
"In 45 days I must have found a job or I'm leaving Japan. And in 45 days, my new album will be completed." Drama queen!
Susan Surface
Susan is impressed (as I am) by the giant pink bunny sculpture on the Italian mountainside (by Gelatin).
25,000 poetry contacts! Plus confessions: "I love women, it doesn't mean I fuck them". - Blog
Why do Japanese horror films always feature wells and hair?
Trying to figure out why you see SAAO, or "the same artists all over".
She loves people, and she lies by the riverside with her bro.
Tokyo Art Beat - Tokyo's Art and Design Events Calendar
They like the "Curator's Point of View" show in Saitama.
There's an "autonomy network" in Yokohama and "parasite flowers" on a lamp-post in Tokyo. No connection, we assume.
Hardcore gay sex is going on while Marxy's back is turned. (He's on a plane, he can't complain.)
Lodown Magazine · Music. Sports. Entertainment.
They're plugging a Nick Walker exhibition in Berlin.
Mike is making himself into a lifestyle brand. He's opened a new shop in Zurich.
Elyse Sewell
She's in Hong Kong and she's taking pictures of fashion stuff.
A whole city goes Bluetooth and Google Print gets sued.
spuibnukrpbealnlgorrazss' Journal
Some lovely pictures of Faye Wong amongst the fabulous visuals.
The world's most beautiful literature student has put up some videos of Oe Kenzaburo. (But they're only there for a few more days.)
Things are always better when they start, he says.
Golden Melodies blog
He's in Montreal, he loves hippy rock style, Alice Coltrane, and a band called Get Hustle.
roddy schrock
He's been to Muir Wood. He doesn't think Cocorosie are "folk", just a very creative duo. Ah, and he's started podcasting!
my design>>Blog
He designs imaginary products, like a machine for looking at the moon!
space debris presents...
He shares sounds; this time a whole album of Japanese Moog cover versions.
who loves the sun
Hanging out with his little brother and disappointed by the election result.
Berlin Blog
"You can own your own pad in Berlin for prices lower than those in either Warsaw or Prague."
Arts & Letters Daily - ideas, criticism, debate
"Atheism used to be on the march, religion on the back foot. Times change."
The Play Ethic (blog)
Do musicians make music that fits pre-existing lifestyles?
The Play Ethic (links)
Richard Florida: "The dominance of the US is already over. Whether it suffers a long, slow decline, or rebounds depends entirely on how willing it is to restore its creativity and openness to full capacity."
Showstudio blog
London Fashion Week happens in some interesting places, they say.
Koalas in Love
He needs to go and live on an island in Japan because he doesn't understand the people around him.
Ma Mann
Pancakes as a picture of human happiness!