October 1st, 2005


Pirata in infrafinger

Here's my class of sonic wunderkinder at the Teach Me Festival.

And here's what Google translation tells me the Teach Me blog is saying about our work:

"To being honest before arriving Momus here I had not never felt it not to name, but I must say that the man with binds it on the eye had hit my attention since the first day, when I have uncovered that the type has also a blog, the which thing could be only foriera of empathy.

"Its workshop part from an analysis of the sounds produced from the objects like source of inspiration in order to create history. The partecpanti have gone in turn for Venice to record the not oral noises more disparati, considering also those products from the body, approval, in this case like craftsman of sounds.

"Part from a sound in order to trace a novellistic cue and then comes some introduced others in order to influence the novellistic course in connubio of sounds and images.

"To the end of the workshop it will come created a dvd with the created contents. While ringrazio and I make for appropinquarmi timidly to the door "pirata in infrafinger" ago quite the comments for the blog. Impossible not to blush..."

Suddenly I feel... disorienteered.