October 6th, 2005


15 minutes of fun

As was established in Hokkaido, objects make sounds, and sounds tell stories. Our bodies are animate objects, and the world is also full of inanimate objects. They resonate when we use our bodies to strike, scratch, scuffle or scrape them, holding up small digital devices to capture the results.

So come walk through the city of Venice with me, collecting the sounds made by objects! Go home, and tell stories about penguins, mafiosi, and architects! Listen to a sound right before you tell your segment of story, and let the sound influence where you take the narrative. Pop your finger in your mouth, chafe and scuff the soles of your shoes, make more sounds! Collect them, and put them in a video! Burn it on a DVD, put a small-window version of it up on the internet for all to see, free! It's all social design of a kind, and teaching of a kind. But mostly it's 15 minutes of fun.

Teach Me Sound Workshop (22.3 MB, 15 mins. Quicktime video file)