November 7th, 2005


Whim Wanders

Sunday in Venice was so squally we didn't go out at all, but stayed in cooking, reading, composing music (a Toog commission which must remain secret for a while), and watching DVDs of Wim Wenders' truly awful film Till The End of the World. Luckily we also found a DVD of the excellent Belleville Rendez-Vous, as sharp, observant and funny as the Wenders film was waffly, rambling and portentous (we've nicknamed him Whim Wanders as a result).

On Saturday we caught more of the scattered national pavilions, the ones that fall outside the established ones in the Giardini. Hussein Chalayan's four-screen sci-fi film starring Tilda Swinton was a bit Whim Wanders for my taste, but I liked some folk dolls being displayed downstairs in the Armenian pavilion. These turned out of rhyme nicely with a display of oversized dolls by Laura Ford in "Somewhere Else: Four Artists from Wales" out on the island of Guidecca, so I've made a photo compilation of oulandish folkloric costumes for you today. I wish street fashion paid more attention to this sort of stuff — tell you what, next time you're about to pull on jeans, T-shirt and trainers, pull on clogs, a striped poncho, or a suit made of coffee sacks instead. Promise?

Off to Turin on the train, arrivederci!