November 11th, 2005


Dudes in the hood

It's a beautiful sunny morning here in Venice, and I'm playing Arabo-Andalouse music in the apartment on Calle Tintoretto. Today (my last day here) I thought I'd introduce you to some of the dudes in my hood. The Calle Tintoretto lies just off the Fondamente di Mori. At first I thought mori meant "the dead" and that this was therefore a sinister "canal of the dead". (It is pretty quiet.) But in fact mori are "moors", the North African Arabic traders who, five hundred years ago, had their own quarter in Venice... right next to the Jewish quarter, in fact. You can still see them, because their statues stand in little niches in the wall. Here they are, with their turbans and samples of the goods they live by trading.

Oh, the last dude in the hood is Nikolas Montaldi, who, with Davide Fornari, has made this trip, like the last and the next one (a concert at the University of Venice on December 16th, to be confirmed nearer the time), possible. Thanks, dudes in this (gorgeous) hood!