November 23rd, 2005


Pretending I'm Viking Moses crossed with Enzo Mari

This morning I'm scribbling lyrics, cutting and pasting verbal objects of value, playing with words as if they were wooden animal shapes by Enzo Mari. Where will today's scribbly doodles end up? Who knows... I'm going to try singing them to a guitar in a minute, pretending I'm Viking Moses.

under flickery tubes
drinking spilly tea
the calcutta book dealer
reads "the botany of the drupe"

the caucasus pistachio
grows in asia minor
7000 bc, turkey, the nuts were used for food
the deeper the shade of green, the more
the nuts are esteemed
shake the tree, collect the seeds
upon a tarp or canvas
shells split well, you open them by hand
one pistachio tree can live for centuries
i understand

when your eyes have come back to your eyepits after draw
will you knit a scale model of the alps from white wool?
will you do a bit of reading, or fish about for squid
take a pad for scribbling, in the mopey poky style

a house pet and a pot plant
fight through your apartment
the lion and the unicorn
jamaica and tibet

the house is washing dishes
an eclectic thermo-meter
virtue and responsibility
are automated

time to take a spidery walk
blue gas and glass animals
shooting contre jour
clapping hands
an experimental sound field
on a map on which the suburbs don't appear

cute formalism of the carpenter
enzo mari
this page has a peephole to the future
spring husband, shaving
bright plum generation
wooden self-build table smell

eat a soup cooked with leeks
and black bread in the bath
wholemeal in the sauna room
white bread in the bedroom
sausages with flour, kidneys, chocolate buttons
change the water filters, fit jelly bean shoes

solve a chinese puzzle, make a chinese box
pour ink into the milk jug of a wedgewood cement mixer
play chess with a monkey, let the monkey win
visit antwerp briefly, staying at the winter inn