December 28th, 2005


Goodbye to Berlin

On my last day in Berlin (well, for several months) I:

1. Wrote my January 2nd Wired News column, "The correct use of water".

2. Abandoned my red communist postman's bicycle by chaining it to a fence on a quiet street with the key in the lock (it's on Haasestr. in Friedrichshain if anyone wants it, but it needs a bit of work).

3. Took a few last things to my storage unit.

4. Took some snaps of the TV tower at Alexanderplatz, which is about to be turned into a garish football (with pink pentagons to symbolize the tournament's major sponsor, Deutsche Telekom).

5. Bought a copy of french newspaper Libération and went for a meal to Monsieur Vuong, the yuppie gay Vietnamese restaurant on Schonhauser Strasse in Mitte. The people on either side of me were Anglophones; two British and three Australian. They asked me the way to Torstrasse.

6. Browsed through the new Wire at ProQM, reading an Epiphanies column by my friend Douglas Benford celebrating ten years of his London club The Sprawl.

7. Shot some "last day in Berlin" snapshots on the street just before dusk fell.

8. Paid my final phonebill (more money Deutsche Telekom can use to turn the TV tower into an ugly pink football in my absence).

9. Bought some pasta sauce.

10. Packed for tomorrow's 10,441 km flight to Osaka (via Milan).