January 11th, 2006


Rooming in New York

As I've mentioned, I'll be spending March to May of this year in New York City, performing the role of an "unreliable tour guide" daily at the Whitney Biennial. Today I just want to ask if any of you know of a room I could sublet in New York for three months. I have a budget for rent, and my only requirements really are that there should be broadband wifi (which I can also help pay for) and that it should be in Manhattan.

I'll actually be spending my first few days in New York in the perfect apartment, a kind of transition chamber between Japan and the US, because I'll be the guest of Karl Haley, whose apartment at Orchard and Rivington I described in Wired News last week:

"Karl Haley read a blog entry I wrote entitled Japanize your ass! and decided to kit out his tiny apartment in New York's Lower East Side with Japanese technologies: a Toto S300 Jasmine washlet toilet, a Zojirushi 3-liter "Panorama Window" Micom Electric Dispensing Pot, a Neuro Fuzzy rice cooker, a kotatsu (a low table incorporating an infrared heater and canopy), and a robotic iJoy 100 massage chair."

Not only is Karl's place full of new Japanese gadgets, it's in my old neighbourhood (I lived from 2000-2002 at 38 Orchard Street). Well, I don't expect to find anything as perfect as that, but all I need really is a place to stay, from about March 3rd to about May 25th. Any ideas, leads, listings, offers, tips welcome; drop me a mail.