January 27th, 2006


Magpie foppery / tatty fashion fix

Here's yer new magpie foppery / tatty fashion fix, landlubbers, with a glimpse of the March edition of FRUiTS (dude's "I adapted a jacket" britches rock), a glance back at Kyoichi Tsuzuki's "Happy Victims" series in Ryuko Tsushin (this girl's a stylist), and a room picture from Tokyo Graffiti magazine, one of the best street style mags (lots of tiny photos). This genre of "snappy dresser / collector types photographed at home in their rooms" is one I like very much, because you really can enter into the private worlds of people with an advanced, idiosyncratic sense of style.

FRUiTS' Shoichi Aoki has relaunched the magazine in a smaller format (it only costs 540 yen per month, which is a very reasonable £2.60). Oh, and I highly recommend this video of Kyoichi Tsuzuki explaining his Happy Victims photos. The personable Tsuzuki (who broke through with his "Tokyo Style" book in 1993) says that he prefers his otaku fashion victims to art collectors because "they're out of balance... it's not an investment, they would never sell their clothes". He describes the boy with no bathroom who nevertheless collects Hermes goods, the Buddhist monk with a yen for Comme des Garcons. It's not art, it's reportage, he says (Tsuzuki spent ten years writing reviews for Popeye and Brutus, and still likes to call himself a journalist), but the fashion companies hate it; magpies living in shabby rooms don't convey the image they want to project at all.