February 8th, 2006



Unless you've been living under a rock for the last few months or you're still accessing the internet via dial-up, you'll probably know about YouTube, the amazing p2p video archive. I hardly ever watch TV because there's so much crap to sort through before you get to that crucial three minutes of sublimity, but on YouTube pop sublimity is there at the click of a mouse. It's endless, and, for me, endlessly inspiring. My first search was for Bowie, my second for Gainsbourg. Since then I've gone through everything by The Velvet Underground, PiL, Kraftwerk, France Gall, Jacques Dutronc...

Finally it occurred to me to search for Momus stuff. There are no Momus videos up there yet, but there are three songs I made for and with Kahimi Karie: I Am A Kitten (the song I wrote on my honeymoon in Montmartre in 1994), Good Morning World (the only single I'll probably ever write to sell 250,000 copies and go Top 10), and One Thousand 20th Century Chairs (as we performed it on Music Station in 1998, the only time I'll appear in front of ten million people in my entire life, I'm quite sure). Ah, memories... natsukashii, ne?