February 12th, 2006


Two wheels good

After heaters, scooters. Push-bikes and scooters are so diverse here (my pet theory is that Japanese industrial design is inspired by the plethora of fish forms in the seas around Japan). They're partly responsible for Japan's amazing transport energy efficiency rates; many commuters ride bikes to their nearest train station. Not only do scooters have the best per-gallon fuel efficiency of any mode of transport yet invented, they also hate Bush.

There's a much better collection of bikes and scooters than mine on the Shobus blog (the most evocative blog about Japan, what a shame it had to stop!). Compiled last summer by Mehdi Hercberg, here are four strips of pictures of tasty two-wheeled transport machines:

Moyens de locomotion 1
Moyens de locomotion 2
Moyens de locomotion 3
Moyens de locomotion 4