February 25th, 2006


Hello -- and goodbye -- Cute Formalism!

Today I offer you

The sound of Japanese TV adverts (4 MB mono mp3 file, 8 mins. 56 secs.)

What emerges from this little collage of recordings I made yesterday afternoon is the image of a manically happy children's marching band, an insanely upbeat collective dedicated to toy robots, Disneyland and the future. (Oh, and private loans.) I would call the results "cute formalist", but unfortunately Wikipedia yesterday deleted their Cute Formalism entry. The deletion log explains their thinking:

"Lacks primary sources. I don't think it's so much crufty as it is non-notable... Upon searching google, the term "Cute formalism" gets aprox. 111 hits, which many of the links are from free dictionaries, livejournal/blogs, and wikipedia itself. Right in the article it states that one guy came up with the term 5 years ago. For a term that is 5 years old, you'd think if it were gonna catch on, it would've by now!... Delete as ill-fated neologism."

So farewell, then, Cute Formalism (2001-2006). We loved thee, but never really knew thee!