March 2nd, 2006


The collectivization of journalism marches on! As one we salute the VJ!

When I wrote on Tuesday that "the idea of collectively-written articles is a pretty grey one, morally and legally; writing an article for a magazine isn't folk music, even if blogging kind of is", I was forgetting that back in July about two thousand (okay, 50) Click Opera regulars helped me research a piece for the Adobe website about VJing. In fact, I'd forgotten all about the article (perhaps because it was a real bugger to write). Only meeting editor David Womack, who commissioned it, at the Whitney last night reminded me of its existence. And here it is! Click the picture for a pdf:

So I either need to buy you guys all dinner at Nobu, or form a ukelele band with you and start trading licks in barns. I'm sure the visuals will be stunning.