April 1st, 2006


Panel discussions of a mask

Well, today is April 1st, the carnevalesque day on which straights, squares, plastics and normals play tricks on each other by telling tall tales. But what if you're a freak whose job involves being paid to lie every single day in an art museum? In that case, lying and leg-pulling on April 1st would be senseless. For an Unreliable Tour Guide, the extraordinary thing to do on April 1st would be to tell the truth.

So today we tell the truth about our lies... and tell the truth about "the lie that tells the truth", Picasso's famous description of art itself. At 6.15pm this evening the Whitney Museum hosts a round-table conversation. I'll be participating as Momus, making "confessions of a mask" alongside other unreal and unreliable "people" like Reena Spaulings (who, as I understand it, is a fictional character animated by a collective, so I'm curious to see who her "representative on Earth" will be) and Toni Burlap (who I'm told will appear tonight in the form of two separate humans, one male, one female).

This talk would normally cost $8 to attend, but twenty lucky Click Opera readers can get in free by saying the magic phrase "Afghanistan Bananastan" at the door.

Fugitives, Objects, Practices, Communities
Saturday April 1st, 6.15pm
Whitney Museum, 945 Madison Avenue at 75th Street; New York, NY 10021

This evening's three conversations take up the twilight character of "Day for Night", the sense of artists working, as Biennial curator Philippe Vergne has described, "in a space between day and night, between the history of forms and the forms of history... [where] many things are called into question or obscured."

One: Momus, Gedi Sibony, and Jordan Wolfson
Two: Carolina Caycedo, Lori Cheatle and Daisy Wright, and Zoe Strauss
Three: Jutta Koether and Reena Spaulings