April 14th, 2006


Parasite franchise

Well, this unreliable tour thing seems to be an extensible brand, or perhaps a sort of "parasite franchise" in the manner of Cattelan, Subotnick and Gioni's Wrong Gallery and their unreliable, unauthorized Gagosian Gallery at the Berlin Bienniale.

Tonight at 7.30pm I give an unreliable tour at the Rubin Museum. Located in the Chelsea district of New York at the corner of 17th Street and 7th Avenue, the museum specializes in the art of the Himalayas. Something I know very little about, but of course that doesn't matter when your job is to spin then projectile-shoot gossamer untruths into a big web of lies, a web in which you catch a few flies, for whom, like some sort of big lying, crying spider, you weep crocodile tears which hang there like shimmering liquid diamonds.

My tour will be part of the Artists on Art series: Contemporary artists contemplate Himalayan art. The event is free.

Artists on Art
Rubin Museum
Art of the Himalayas

150 West 17th Street
New York, NY 10011

Friday April 14th