May 16th, 2006


The rolling then

Are you bored with blogs from the rolling now? How about adding some blogs from the "rolling then" to your reading routine? Here are some you might want to bookmark.

Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog
Last update: Thursday May 11th 2006, apparently.
Sample: "Yt hath been mony a moneth syn ich haue thogte of the questiones and inquries that yow sente vnto me for myn column of advyce. Yet ich haue had sum smal tyme to looke ayein at them, and haue founde sum messages for which ich kan yeven counsel."

Chaucer has updated his advice column, answering questions like "I'm changing the taps on a plastic bathtub, what do you recommend?" He also offers his favourite pick-up lines, like "Yf thou were a latyn tretise ich wolde putte thee in the vernacular."

Watch out for the guest blogs from his son: "N E Way - Dad told me to put this entry up with my html skillz because Adam Linkfirst is away and Dad is out in Kent doing some stuff for our lord da King (trespuissant Richard Second Since da Conkwest roy dengleterre et dirlande et par grace de dieu roy de fraunce). So here I am to save teh day yo. Big ups to all U gentils and churlz who read his blog like every day. You must not have N E thing else to do. PSYCHE! LOLZ!"

The Diary of Samuel Pepys
Last update: Friday 15th May 1663
Sample: "Up betimes and walked to St. James’s, where Mr. Coventry being in bed I walked in the Park, discoursing with the keeper of the Pell Mell, who was sweeping of it; who told me of what the earth is mixed that do floor the Mall, and that over all there is cockle-shells powdered, and spread to keep it fast; which, however, in dry weather, turns to dust and deads the ball."

Andy Warh-Blog: I Blogged Andy Warhol Andy Warhol's diary entries posted exactly 29 years to the day after they were first recorded.
Last update: Thursday April 21st 1977
Sample: "Went with Bob to pick up Bianca to take her to a dinner that Sandy Milliken was giving at his loft in Soho and Jade came downstairs and said, “Andy Warhol, you never come to see me anymore.” Jade asked us if we wanted something to drink and we said, “Two vodkas on the rocks,” and she said to the Spanish maid, “Dos vodkas con heilo.” I wanted her to sing, and so she did “Frere Jacques,” and I asked her to sing “Satisfaction” and she’d never heard of it."

Are there any others out there?