June 26th, 2006



I had a fun time bouncing around at the George and Dragon last night in front of a backdrop of clouds and an audience of artists, curators, queens and cherubs.

A thought occurred to me: since so many people in my audience are creative types, and since I'm getting a bit sick of always playing the same songs (just because they happen to be the songs I have backing tracks for, and since I'm a bit too lazy to make new backing tracks for older songs like "The Homosexual" and "Hairstyle of the Devil") why not send out a request from Click Opera, a sort of karaoke appeal. Why not ask people, those who can use Garageband, Frooty Loops, or other sequencer software -- or even have access to mariachi bands, gypsy accordion troupes, or other mini-orchestras -- to make a backing track of the Momus song they'd like to hear me to play at a future concert?

If such a commission appeals to you, feel free to make your instrumental as close to, or as far from, my original arrangement as you want. Post a link under this entry to an mp3 of the file. I'll check back here on a regular basis, so bookmark the comments thread and use it as a drop box for tracks. I'll credit you as the arranger if I use your instrumental live.

Some of my favourite versions of my songs have been things like Martin White's accordion version of "Heliogabalus", so I'm hoping you'll amuse and delight me -- and anyone else who cares to check back here over the coming weeks -- with something extraordinary. Also, of course, this will become an archive of backing tracks people can use to stage their own unauthorised Momus concerts, anywhere in the world. All you need is an instrumental, a mic and an eyepatch. The possibilities are dizzying! Instru-mental!