July 8th, 2006


Whispers about ginger and rice

Here are the phrases I'm asking the staff at Blow de la Barra to whisper gallery visitors during the text-and-painting group show there, The Title as the Curator's Art Piece, curated by Mathieu Copeland.

Wednesday June 21st
"The encounter with the new person continues, after having suffered hardship with lighting."

Thursday June 22nd
"Smell of the source of the callous burning and the Japanese pancake."

Friday June 23rd
"It is it is, to see you speak properly after a long time by the telephone."

Saturday June 24th
"When being small, the element which makes the dining table remember was full load."

Tuesday June 27th
"Because there is no ginger, we have decided to redo extensively."

Wednesday 28th June
"Applying to the bath, you feel the happiness."

Thursday June 29th
"It is healed in the sea being visible from the window."

Friday June 30th
"The ham being attached to the knob."

Saturday July 1st
"Because there is no ginger, it collects television."

Tuesday July 4th
"Eating when giving birth."

Wednesday July 5th
"It seems that everything goes and wriggles with going."

Thursday July 6th
"Master calls with the anchor and the long mediating."

Friday July 7th
"It is the extremely wife."

Saturday July 8th
"You can drink with ease often from now on."

Tuesday July 11th
"Rather than thinking, you rise clearly."

Wednesday July 12th
"Phosphorus the diary it starts printing densely."

Thursday July 13th
"Doing motionlessly with the rain, it becomes greatly."

Friday July 14th
"Pouring the black tea, you eat the bun of the rice field house where the water picture has."

Saturday July 15th
"The night eating the boiled rice simply, reads the various books."

Tuesday July 18th
"In the crepe mountain you have greeted to 1 each of the crepe tiddlers, it seems."

The exhibition continues until early September.